Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Racing Thoughts

Women's Day for me is a celebration I am not quite able to relate to. The sheer thought that a world belonging to both men and women, needs to be sensitised about the significance of women is disturbing to me. While I sat wondering about the weird hypocrisy that surrounds true and sound beliefs like feminism, women rights, etc. here are a few lines that came through:

Deck me up in frills, and bind me in chains.
Make me look all pretty, and then make the make-up my bane.
Give me a pretty dress while you scathe me on the inside.
Give me a great car, while you take me for a ride.

I am bound to your rules, I am tied by your laws.
You have governed my greatness, my values and my flaws.
I have breathed in the air, filled with your fake pride.
I have braved the roughness of the time and the tide.

You’ve caged me in your thoughts, in your judgements and your views.
I turn, I pause, I run as your muse.
I walk your path, I walk the line you drew.
I madly run across a desert looking for some dew.

I am the warrior of your choice, I am your muse alike.
I am the shape and size you want, I am the thought you like…or dislike.

But I am not the shoe you once wore, 
Nor the dress that you now discard.
I am the face you wounded once, 
I am the remaining scar.
Tied, bound, caged as I may be…a rare soul wanting to be free.

I am a hungry fire and you’re the dried-up tree.

You can judge these, because this is a mind speaking up. Don't think of this as a woman's mind, it may affect your judgement. You know who you are. Oh! And I don't apologise for the feminist streak I just displayed there. 

After all, you are a part of this world.

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